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Change Start Here!


Starts Here!

Any meaningful “change” you undertake and achieve – depends entirely on you!

Change Starts Here!

Your Transformation Awaits!

Any meaningful “change” you undertake and achieve – depends entirely on you!


Change Start Here!

If you’re new to the site, then hello and welcome! I appreciate your interest.

You’re probably here because you identify as a busy middle-age pro (like Al) and are considering taking charge of your life – whether you’re familiar with the Sensible Fitness Program (SFP), or not. Either way, before you move through the site

– please take a short moment to consider one simple point:

Any meaningful “change” you undertake and achieve – depends entirely on you!

To be successful, you have to want the change “badly” enough – so that you go after it by putting in consistent effort. It takes discipline and dedication. Unlike conventional players in the fitness industry, I won’t sugar-coat this. At the same time, don’t be daunted if you’re new or unfamiliar with getting into shape. SFP is totally doable. And because it’s practical, it’s also easily sustainable.

What do I mean by this?

Contrary to conventional beliefs, transforming is far less complicated and more attainable than you’re led to believe. There’s a lot I could say to emphasize that, but for this page, I’ll simply highlight 3 common mistruths that keep the majority of people stuck because they’re uninvest in their health, skeptical about what or who to trust, and indecisive.

Debunking 3 Commonly-Held Mistruths

“To lose body weight, you need to cut carbs and eliminate fat."

We’ve been sold this bogus claim for decades. And that’s probably why most people continue to be confused about the real deal regarding carbs and fats when it comes to fat loss, maintenance or muscle-gain.

FACT: You need a temporary (whether steady or cyclic) calorie-deficit, created either by increased physical activity, or reduced food-intake – or a combination of both.

You do not have to eliminate carbs to lose weight!

Some already-experienced folks prefer the speed at which they can shed body fat before a photo-shoot or holiday on “no” or low-carb protocols. High-fat no-carb plans (like Keto or “Banting”) might present a more doable weight loss option for some inexperienced individuals.

However, the vast majority of people can achieve the same results with carbohydrates.

Insufficient dietary fat disturbs hormonal levels and affects bone integrity. It can also disrupt digestion, kidney function and impact the immune system. Severe cases could cause organ failure and even death.

It’s therefore essential to include moderate levels of fat (saturated and unsaturated) in your eating plan, for good health.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, fat availability means better enzyme levels, which makes the body more efficient at burning calories (including unwanted fat calories).

“You have to focus extensively on abs exercises to sport a 6-pack.”

How often have you been told to focus on your core and do hundreds of sit-ups or crunches – preferably using abdominal-specific gadgets and training equipment?

This is horrible advice! And many give up on fitness simply because it puts them off.

You may argue that since there’s so much hype about abs and so many products endorsed by muscular specimens – that it must be true, right?


Charlatans continue to come up with newer and “improved” gimmicks because thousands of people continue buying them.

FACT: You actually don’t need any direct abs-work to have a defined and clearly visible set of abdominal muscles. (That’s me in the above image and I don’t train abs.)

The principal exercises of the Sensible Fitness Program have you covered from head to toe –including core and abs.

There! I've just saved you a whole lot of money and time which might have gone towards useless gadgets, tons of crunches, twists, leg raises, and other unnecessary work.

Note: you can have the best abs in the world, but if you’re not lean enough, nobody will ever know.

Besides the strength and conditioning of your physiology, you also need to work towards a favorable body composition by reducing your body fat levels to reveal your abs muscles.

“I don’t have enough time for health and fitness.”

Even the busiest of us can proactively make time for activities that are important.

Think of the most enviable in-shape successful people you know. Do you think they got where they are by being “too busy”? Do you think they magically have more hours in a day than you or I do?

FACT: If health and fitness are accepted as fixed parts of your life, you will naturally work differently towards prioritizing things so you can include all essential aspects of your day-to-day living. With action comes motivation, energy, determination and focus. You will naturally be open to becoming more organized and disciplined.

SFP’s overall workout-time requires no more than 2 hours total per week at maintenance level.

More than 75% of health care spending goes to the treatment of chronic conditions (the cause of a significant number of preventable deaths, lifelong disability, compromised quality of life, and increasing health care costs).

Think of all the time you’ll not have to spend undergoing medical visits or interventions later on in life – not to mention the cost savings – if you opt for fitness over weakness.

My question to you today is: Are you really that pressed for time?

A former British statesman (Edward Stanley) once aptly said: “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Our Testimonial

Having gone through these barriers to fitness, I trust you’re eager to take the next step to get transformation-readiness with the clear perspective that if anybody’s currently standing in your way, it’s you. As eloquently coined:

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

-Jim Rohn

I want this change! How do I start?

So, you’re keen on the idea of a prosperous future of health, fitness and prosperity. Great!

I really look forward to welcoming you to SFP and the myfitnessroad.com community as you set off on the road to becoming the best “you.”

But even if you’ve finally decided you want to transform your health and fitness, as things stand today – you unfortunately remain stuck and unable to take the first step.

I know, because like you, I was there too. And that’s exactly what we’re about to tackle together!

From Zero to transformation-ready: A PRACTICAL QUICK-START GUIDE + ROADMAP is designed precisely to get busy middle-age professionals unstuck. I created this resource to help get you maximum clarity and perspective for your transformation journey to sustainable wellness, so you can take action today!

Get Yours Now!

Other Fitness Resources Available To You

As you will have seen on the homepage, depending where you are on your life journey, you might have had some experience in fitness with mixed results, or perhaps even skeptical because of the sheer volume of information and disinformation out there.

Here are two great resources you can access today!

  • You identify as a busy middle-age pro but have “some” momentum. You’re now looking for a simple program that delivers an effective and sustainable solution. If so, then my flagship Sensible Fitness Program (SFP) is the ultimate answer. Get comprehensive results from targeted efforts. Enjoy a socially connected, rewarding and prosperous existence.

  • You’ve previously been “duped“ out of your hard-earned money and valuable time – and therefore suspicious about what really works, and what doesn’t before. Get clarity and restore your faith in fitness by understanding the real obstacles to superior health so you can avoid the hype and unnecessary mistakes. Get the 100% free eBook Fitness Truth Report loaded with facts and tips to enlighten, empower and inspire you.

  • Finally, the How To Work With Me page sets out the different ways we can collaborate. You can also view the “ABOUT“ pages to learn more about me, my mission, and my lifestyle.

Change Start Here!


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