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Sensible Fitness Program: The Book

It began some years back as an idea to give you a short brief.

But I soon realized after I began writing, that I would have served you short by now producing a more comprehensive book.

Although SFP is a simple and practical program, I felt that the concept and principles needed to be properly illustrated and explained.

Let me also say that while SFP represents my own lifestyle, I have also included information and references to a number of excellent and highly-relevant fitness principles, based on the most current research obtained from organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Sciences Association, with which I have had a long-standing professional affiliation.

Through SFP, my greatest wish is for you to finally have that superior and sustainable way-of-life most people only dream of – as long as you want it badly enough.

I can’t wait for you to get started!

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  • Free Downloads and Resources

    The SFP book contains several references to resources like progress logs and the accessories I use that include:

  • The SFP Workout Plan Overview

  • The Program Logs

  • The SFP self-contract

  • Training accessories I use

  • Access to these and more can be found on the resources and downloads page.

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