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How does the 'Mesomorph' size up?



Mesomorphs usually tend towards having 'athletic' builds, showing pronounced musculature and leanness. Although they don't necessarily have large bones, they normally have narrow waists and broad shoulders. Mesomorhps, by nature, are inclined to have fairly fast metabolisms, and carry minimal body fat.

This Somatotype is without doubt the envy of most, since it holds most of the advantages. Meanwhile, individuals of the Ectomorphic and Endomorphic body types, have to be content with the specific advantages they have.

'Mesos' have it the easiest in terms of body shaping and muscle-building potential, and they will have the easiest time shaping up and losing any unwanted body fat.

In short, they will not find it difficult to be in great condition.

The image to the left is an example of this body type.


As with the Ectomorphic body type, the Mesomorph also has the advantage of not really having to worry too much about watching calories. Still, going overboard too much will show, but they still have it easier than the other two Somatotypes when it comes to adding muscle and getting (or staying) in good shape.

Mesomorphy means superior anaerobic potential and higher levels of lean mass (musculature). Individuals of this body type are therefore excellent candidates for bodybuilding, strength and power sports (like sprinting), and other related specializations. 


There's probably no real disadvantage being a Mesomorph, with the exception perhaps of not being ideally suited to endurance sport.


While Ectomorphs typically have fast metabolisms and lower quantities of lean mass, Mesomorphs tend to have medium-fast metabolisms. In addition, however, they carry more lean mass, which means they can get that 'ripped' muscular look with less effort – and maintain a desired weight without much fuss.



These gifted individuals have significant muscle-building potential.

They usually possess longer muscles with wider muscle bellies, and advantageous insertion points (where they connect via tendons to the bone). In addition, with the higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers they possess, strength and/or weight-gaining workout programs are well-suited to them. 

Mesomorphs can therefore tone or build muscle with relative ease by following any basic strength-training protocol. Of course, because of their innate response-potential, they can really expect impressive hypertrophy gains from a more intense or higher-volume program – if so desired. 


The Mesomorph has the capacity to train longer and harder than the other two body types. Since they can add lean mass with relative ease, the main focus for Mesomorphs, is to monitor their progress and taper off their weight workouts once the desired body composition and results are achieved.

They can then look to maintain their condition by monitoring measurements and taking small corrective action wherever necessary. 


Mesomorphs have good tolerance for both resistance and cardio training. Since they aren't considered 'hardgainers' like Ectomorphs are, they usually derive more benefit from cardiovascular exercise – and can therefore adjust their aerobic workouts as necessary.

However, given that Mesomorphs also have fairly fast metabolisms, they needn't overdo aerobic activity for fat-burning.


Similar to the Ectomorph, the Mesomorph has a constitution which easily handles a higher calorie food-intake.

However, Ectomorphs may just have the edge when it comes to this characteristic. Nonetheless, Mesos don't really have to focus on nutrition to support lean mass gains, and so the emphasis for them is merely to ensure a wholesome balanced eating plan – mostly for maintenance.

If your desire is to add more muscle, then you simply need to boost your intake (proportionately) to support the required gains.

Although you have significant leeway in the eating department, you should still stick with a regular meal frequency to maintain your condition, and for optimal health.


As this body type tolerates high volumes of exercise fairly well, their is no significant consideration needed from the Mesomorph's point-of-view, except to adopt a sensible approach, and not to overdo it because she/he can.

There's still a requirement for proper rest and recovery to make good on the physical efforts–for stimulating the required gains.


Regardless of your somatotype, if you share Al's story and want change, then the Sensible Fitness Program can provide an excellent solution if you follow it consistently – and in line with the above considerations.


In terms of well-known Sportspeople displaying Mesomorphic tendencies, I'd look to former pro bodybuilders Mike Mentzer and Tom Platz, who could both be considered excellent examples of this body type.

Another Mesomorph example from the sporting world, would be Tennis star Serena Williams.

Famous celebrities with characteristics of this body type include Madonna and Mark Wahlberg.

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