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If you’re a busy middle-aged professional stuck between stress and overwhelm – you’ve come to the right place. I teach the simplest transformative strategies for sustainable fitness


3 Ways To Get Started Today

Most health & fitness resources fail to address our busy schedules and individual genetics – neither do they highlight what works and what doesn’t. Instead, they conveniently exploit our naivety and need-for-novelty – by promoting impressively confusing and over-presumptuous “band-aid” solutions. And so the majority of us continue to flounder between indecision and going nowhere. The fact that less than 5% of the world’s population is in good health – should therefore come as no surprise.

Once and for all, make it your business to reject being part of this meaningless trend and get that sustained condition most only dream about.

Fitness Truth Report

Debunk the Top Fitness Myths

Get the inside scoop on the real obstacles to superior health so you can avoid the hype and unnecessary mistakes. Get this 100% free eBook loaded with facts and tips to enlighten, empower and inspire you.

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Why you're stuck

Get unstuck today!

Eager to start, but not sure how? Want maximum clarity and perspective for your transformation journey to sustainable wellness – so you can take action today? Then you need my Quick-Start Guide + Roadmap!

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Discover the Sustainable Solution

The Sensible Fitness Program (SFP) is the ultimate answer for you, the busy middle-aged professional. Get comprehensive results from targeted efforts. Enjoy a socially connected, rewarding and prosperous existence.

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Finally, an honest and sustainable solution to fitness for middle-age pros

Everyone – young or old and irrespective of gender – wants to be in great shape and live a happy, prosperous life.

Most books declare that they’re “ground-breaking,” or “revolutionary.” But a few pages in, and you realize they’re actually all pretty much the same.

And so the majority of us go with “convention“ and continue to wallow between procrastination and blunder. The fact that a mere 5% of the world enjoys good health is the ultimate testament to that.

You don’t have to be part of the unhealthy portion. Make the best case for your transformation by choosing the sensible solution in full detailed book form.

My greatest wish in writing this book is for you to finally have that superior and sustainable way of life most only dream of. By the end of 12 weeks, you too can be in the best shape of your busy professional life, and continue to evolve.

SFP is the optimal way to sustainable wellness.

Want the essentials for sustainable fitness?

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